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SOLLANT is a company that integrates R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service of energy-saving products such as screw air compressors, permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors, two-stage compression air compressors, mobile air compressors, and special customized air compressors. high-tech enterprises.

SOLLANT is committed to serving global users, and its products are widely used in machinery, food, medical, electronics, textiles, automobiles, mining, construction engineering and building materials and other industries. Constantly innovative technology and a strong sales and service team can provide good solutions and fast quality services for each user’s compressed air system. With full enthusiasm, sincere cooperation attitude and win-win business philosophy, we warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit us.

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Why Choose Sollant Screw Air Compressor?

We believe that quality, price and service are of most interest to you for choosing a suitable rotary screw air compressor.

  • 15000m² of production workshop
  • Competitive price and high quality
  • 12 years of export experience
  • Super energy efficiency, saving up to 50%
  • Clean air outlet, oil content <2PPM
  • 24-hour inquiry response time
  • Stable gas supply, constant pressure control ±0.002MPa

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“I am a air agent.There are so many air compressor factory that we don’t know how to choose.But Sollant’s price and quality are very competitive in our country.Their products are energy efficient and they have great service and fast shipping”

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“Sollant screw air compressor Simple operation, easy to move.Their air compressor is also very convenient to maintain.”


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At present, the diversity of industrial development has led to a wide variety of air compressors. In the world trend of energy saving and emission reduction, two-stage compression permanent magnet screw air compressors have emerged and developed rapidly. Because of the absolute advantages of energy saving and power saving, more and more users are beginning to choose two-stage compression permanent magnet screw air compressors to replace the old machines in the factory. Then why is the energy-saving performance of the two-stage compression permanent magnet screw air compressor so superior?

Theoretical analysis

Everyone knows that when you compress air, it will definitely generate heat. For example, when we use an air pump to inflate a tire, the cylinder of the air cylinder will heat up. This is because the air cylinder generates a lot of heat when it compresses the air. Assuming that no heat is generated when compressing gas, all energy is converted into air pressure energy, which is the most energy-efficient isothermal compression.

Intermediate cooling

According to a theoretical analysis, there are two key points in the energy-saving performance of two-stage compression, one of which is intercooling, which can reduce the energy wasted due to the expansion tendency caused by the heat generated by compressed air, and the closer the intercooling process is to an isothermal process The energy-saving effect will be more obvious. However, if the intercooling system is too complex and huge, the cost of the air compressor will increase. After a lot of research and experiments, the two-stage screw compressor has introduced an intercooling atomization injection device, which uses high-pressure cooling oil to spray through the atomization holes to one or two In the intermediate pipeline of the first stage, it is fully fused with the gas compressed by the first stage head to achieve the best cooling effect, making the intermediate cooling very close to isothermal compression, thus greatly saving the energy required for compressing the gas.

Adjustment of intermediate pressure

Another factor among the two key points of the two-stage compression energy-saving performance is the selection of the intermediate pressure. In theory, the intermediate pressure must be selected at the equivalence point to give full play to the best energy-saving advantages of the two-stage compression screw machine, that is, the first and second stages need to be evenly distributed The compression ratio of the nosepiece. However, the exhaust pressure often changes when customers use it. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the intermediate pressure in real time to make the compression ratio of the primary and secondary nozzles the same.

Conventional two-stage compression air compressors use a motor to drive a main gear, and then the main gear drives two auxiliary gears to drive the primary and secondary hosts respectively. The number of teeth of the gears is fixed, that is, their transmission ratio is fixed, so the speed ratio of the primary and secondary hosts of this structure is also fixed, and its intermediate pressure is also fixed and cannot be adjusted. For example, for an air compressor designed according to 0.8MPa, its intermediate pressure will always be maintained at about 0.2MPa. When the user's air pressure is not exactly 0.8MPa, it is impossible to achieve equal ratio compression between the two hosts.

Reduce the compression ratio

The two-stage compression screw air compressor adopts a two-stage series process, so that the original single-stage compression process is divided into two compression processes. Such a process setting can reduce the compression ratio of each single-stage compression process, reduce the compression ratio of each stage, that is, reduce the internal leakage, thereby improving the volumetric efficiency, and can effectively and greatly increase the exhaust volume. In addition, the compression ratio is reduced, that is, the resistance of each stage of the screw during the meshing and compression process is reduced, and the reduction of the work resistance during the compression process means that the load of each stage of bearing is reduced, that is, each stage of compression can be reduced. The required driving power is greatly increased, and the service life of the bearing is also greatly extended.

Based on the above reasons, the two-stage compression permanent magnet screw air compressor is far superior to the one-stage compression permanent magnet screw air compressor in terms of energy saving effect.

Oil-free air compressor is not only oil-free, but also gives you the basic advantages of oil-free air compressor! First, the material of the machine itself does not contain oily substances, and no lubricant is added during work, which greatly improves the quality of exhaust air.

Generally speaking, oil-free air compressors are used in the food industry because the requirements of the food industry are relatively high. Different from the oil-filled air compressor, the exhaust gas contains a large number of oil molecules, which will cause different degrees of corrosion. Therefore, the selection of oil-free air compressor is a necessary condition to ensure air quality. Secondly, the use and maintenance of oil-free air compressors are more convenient and simple than oil-filled air compressors. We all know that during use, some oil-filled air compressors need to be regularly replaced or refilled with compressor oil, oil injection, and oil leakage have caused varying degrees of pollution to the environment, requiring users to take time out of use to clean them up. It increases the user's workload, which is related to people's willingness to use mechanical equipment, and it is contradictory to improve work efficiency.

Compared with this kind of air compressor, the oil-free air compressor basically does not require the user to spend time on maintenance, because it does not need to add a drop of oil, the automatic pressure sensor switch will automatically start or stop according to the amount of air you use, automatic drainage The device also saves a lot of attention for the user and is very convenient to use.

However, with the rapid development of industry and the improvement of people's living standards, the society's requirements for the required products have also greatly increased. At the same time, with the improvement of the precision of pneumatic components, the requirements for the oil content and water content of compressed gas are also getting higher and higher. In the past, new products of oil-free air compressors were widely used due to quality problems. With the improvement of the quality of the oil-free air compressor, its quality has been fundamentally improved, which can fully meet the needs of modern industrial production. The advantages of all oil-free air compressors in use are as follows:

1. Due to the high viscosity of the lubricating oil, the degreasing equipment cannot completely remove it, so the compressed gas of the oil-free air compressor is irreplaceable.

2. Dehydration equipment such as freeze dryers, non-heat regenerative dryers, and micro-heat regenerative dryers lose their dehydration functions due to the oil in the compressed air; and clean the compressed oil-free compressors to fully protect the dehydration equipment and reduce additional funds. Used to maintain dehydration equipment.

3. Using an oil-free air compressor to provide compressed gas will not greatly reduce the motor load due to the pressure loss caused by the oil removal equipment, thereby achieving energy-saving effects; a good-quality three-stage degreasing machine will generate 1~ 1.2kg of pressure loss, while a 7.5kW air compressor adds 600 watts for every 1kg of pressure added. For example, power loss will pay 6 degrees of electricity per working day (10 hours), which will be a long-term intangible cost.

4. The use of oil-injected air compressors wastes a lot of lubricating oil. Taking a 7.5Kw high-quality oil-injected air compressor as an example, the minimum consumption of lubricating oil is 5kg/month. In the past year, 60 kg of lubricating oil will be paid. At the same time, in order to remove the oil in the compressed gas, in order to use a high-efficiency oil filter, the filter element needs to be replaced many times. This costs a lot of money.

1. Compact structure, small size and light weight;

2. Continuous and uniform exhaust, without tundish and other devices.

3. Small vibration, less wearing parts, no need for large and heavy foundation;

4. Except for the bearing, there is no need for lubrication inside each part, which saves oil and does not pollute the compressed gas.

5. High speed;

6. Small maintenance and easy adjustment.

7. Quiet, green and environmentally friendly, no noise pollution, no need to add lubricating oil.

1. Control the spill

According to calculations, a small hole of 1mm² leaks about 1.5L/S under a pressure of 7 bar. Check all transportation pipe networks and gas points, especially joints, valves, etc., and deal with leaks in time.

2. Pressure drop treatment

Set the pressure gauge to detect the pressure through the pipe section, check the pressure drop of each section of the pipe section in detail, and timely check and maintain the pipe network section with problems. Generally, the pressure drop from the outlet of the air compressor to the gas point should not exceed 1 bar, and strictly even not exceed 10%, that is, 0.7 bar. The pressure drop of the cold-dry filter section is generally 0.2 bar.

3. Adjust the pressure matching of gas equipment

Assess the pressure requirements of gas equipment, and reduce the exhaust pressure of the air compressor as much as possible while ensuring production. Every time the exhaust pressure of the air compressor is reduced by 1 bar, the energy saving is about 7~10%.

4. Adjust unreasonable gas usage behavior

For example, preventing workers from using compressed air to clean dust from clothing.

5. Adopt centralized control mode

If the number of air compressors is small, one variable frequency air compressor can be used to adjust the pressure. If the number is large, centralized linkage control can be used to avoid the stepwise rise in exhaust pressure caused by the parameter setting of multiple air compressors.

6. Do a good job in equipment maintenance and cleaning

Add air compressor cooling equipment or measures to keep the oil clean.

7. Air compressor waste heat recovery

Recover air compressor oil heat to prepare hot water for use in other processes or assisted living facilities.

8. Replace the old air compressor

The mechanical and electrical costs of air compressors account for a large part of the cost of an enterprise. Purchasing a new machine may seem expensive, but it can save tens of thousands of electricity bills every year.

When it comes to frequency conversion, everyone will think of power saving and energy saving. It is true that frequency conversion air compressors are the same as fan motor water pumps. According to load changes, the input voltage frequency is controlled, which can maintain the stability of pressure, flow, temperature and other parameters. Improving the working performance of the compressor has achieved the effect of saving electricity and energy, so what kind of principle does the frequency conversion air compressor work on?

Since the speed of the air compressor motor has a linear relationship with the actual power consumption of the air compressor, reducing the motor speed will reduce the actual power consumption. The variable frequency air compressor uses a pressure sensor to instantly sense the actual air pressure and air consumption in the system. Through the precise cooperation of electrical control and frequency conversion control, the motor speed can be controlled in real time without changing the motor torque of the air compressor. By changing the compressor speed, it can respond to changes in system pressure and maintain a stable system pressure setting value. In order to realize the on-demand output of high-quality compressed air, thereby reducing energy consumption and saving electric energy. After understanding the working of the frequency conversion air compressor, let me show you several characteristics of the frequency conversion air compressor:

1. The pressure setting of the frequency conversion air compressor can be one point, that is, the minimum pressure that meets the requirements of the production equipment can be used as the set pressure. The frequency conversion air compressor will adjust the speed of the air compressor according to the fluctuation trend of the pipe network pressure. , and even eliminate the unloading operation of the air compressor, saving electric energy.

2. Since the compressor cannot rule out the possibility of running for a long time under full load, the capacity of the motor can only be determined according to the greater demand, so the design capacity is generally too large. In actual operation, the proportion of light-load operation time is very high. If the frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, the work efficiency during operation can be greatly improved. Therefore, the energy saving potential is great.

3. Some adjustment methods (such as adjusting the opening of the valve and changing the angle of the blade, etc.), even in the case of small demand, cannot reduce the operating power of the motor. After adopting frequency conversion speed regulation, when the demand is small, the speed of the motor can be reduced, and the operating power of the motor can be reduced, thereby further realizing energy saving.

Through the above characteristics, the waste phenomenon of "high pressure and low use" of frequency conversion air compressor can be effectively reduced to the minimum. Under the same power, choosing frequency conversion air compressor not only saves electric energy but also reduces waste of power consumption.

Some variable frequency air compressor brands have further improved the new characteristics of frequency conversion, extended the working range to a wider displacement, and can automatically sleep when the air pressure is low, which greatly reduces energy consumption and achieves real Energy saving and environmental protection.

1. Food industry: In the process of using compressed air to control and package, the use of oil-free air compressors can ensure that there will be no oil and water at the end of the compressed air, avoiding the generation of harmful substances and ensuring food hygiene Reliable and consumer good health.

2. Gold plating and copper plating industry: In electroplating cleaning, use an oil-free air compressor to blow off water on the surface of the article, so as to maintain the smoothness of electroplating.

3. Medical industry: Since the air produced by the oil-free screw air compressor is clean and oil-free, if it is blown into the patient's mouth, it can ensure that it will not cause damage to the patient's health.

4. Foaming industry: At present, the domestic foaming industry is formed by blowing with pressure gas. Using an oil-free air compressor can ensure the pure color of the product and greatly improve the quality of your product.

5. Powder spraying, painting and other industries: In high-quality powder spraying, capacitor fine spraying, and spray painting, the use of oil-free gas will make the surface coating smoother, and it will be more tightly bonded to the parent body, and it will not fall off easily, and the capacitor can improve the conductivity.

6. High-precision instrument industry: With the development of science and technology, oil-free air compressors are more and more widely used in high-precision instrument industries such as mechanical instruments and automatic equipment sensors.

Air compressors are expensive, how to maintain and prolong the service life of air compressors has become the focus of attention of the majority of users. The service life of the screw air compressor is very long, generally more than 10 years, but if the maintenance and maintenance are not paid attention to, various failures will occur in the unit, which will not only affect the performance, but also affect its service life.

Routine maintenance: Routine maintenance of the air compressor is necessary. Air compressors are mechanical equipment with complex structures and powerful functions. Once a fault occurs and the problem cannot be found and solved in time, it may lead to more serious consequences.

Regular maintenance: Daily maintenance can prevent problems before they happen, and it is also essential to do regular maintenance after a period of use. Regular and proper inspection and replacement of parts can ensure that the air compressor works in an optimal state. Do a good job in the maintenance of the filter, clean or replace the filter element in time, can avoid many equipment failures, give full play to the compression performance and prolong the service life of the air compressor.

Operating environment: The operating environment temperature of the air compressor should be kept at 5-40°C. It should not be placed in an unshielded place, and should not work in places with high humidity, storage of flammable and explosive liquid gases, and volatile gases. At the same time, the environment should be kept clean and tidy to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Regular sewage discharge: After a period of use, a certain amount of condensed water will accumulate in the gas storage tank, so it is necessary to discharge the condensed water regularly. In addition, when the air compressor is not in use, the air in the air storage tank should be released and stored in a dry environment.

Good habits: develop a good habit of using the air compressor. When the air compressor is shut down and not in use, the power should be cut off in time; Operate under the guidance of the operator. Before operation, the power supply must be disconnected, and the standby unit should be fully cooled.

Do you know how to prolong the service life of the air compressor? The air compressor is one of the main mechanical equipment of manufacturing enterprises today. Good maintenance, regular maintenance and good habits can not only guarantee the performance of the air compressor, but also It can also reduce the occurrence of failures and make the air compressor "prolong life".