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Sollant has advanced production technology and an excellent design team. The water well drilling rig and equipment are designed to be durable, and highly efficient, which are widely used in most difficult environments. The Mainly ranges of Sollant: Crawler type pneumatic water well drilling rig, multifunctional hydraulic water well drilling rig, vehicle-mounted water well drilling rig…

The maximum drilling depth can reach 800m. The drilling rig adopts new hydraulic technology, it has fast rotation speed and extremely high drilling efficiency. And can adapt to various harsh rock and soil environments. The reasonable overall layout, using crawler chassis, strong off-road performance, can also be installed on a tractor for transportation.


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The almost 12-years experience of Sollant Group in the design and construction of water well drilling rig ensures the highest quality and reliability. Years of drilling rig production experience enable us to have sufficient professional knowledge. The most powerful function of our drilling rig is that it has sufficient power and versatility, which can cope with different soil conditions and rock formations. In addition, our drilling rigs are highly mobile, as they are equipped with brackets and crawlers, so they can reach the most remote locations.

Our water well drilling rigs are efficient, easy to operate. The acceptable drilling depth is 180-800 meters. Purchasing a water well drilling rig is a one-time investment, and the investment can be recovered within 3-5 months. Because the drilling machine has various uses, it can be used in mine engineering construction, civil draft wells, agricultural irrigation wells, and other water wells, and especially suitable for taking water in complex and diverse terrain. At the same time, the drilling rig has a low failure rate, low maintenance cost.

Why Choose Sollant
Water Well Drilling Rig?

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  • Equipped with steel crawler chassis, it has strong cross-country performance and can easily cope with various complex work sites.
  • It is equipped with hydraulic high outriggers, which is convenient for loading and unloading trucks.
  • Centralized operating handles, reasonable layout, safe, and feasible.
  • Excellent workmanship, durable, and low maintenance costs
  • The drilling footage is fast and efficient.
  • Low cost but high quality with long service life.

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Water Well Drilling Rig


The Specification of Trailer Mounted Drill Rig


Overview of Water Well Drilling Rig

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How to Choose a Water well Drilling Rig Correctly


Water well drilling rig overview

A water well drilling rig is equipment for drilling holes on the earth to tap water below the surface.

When you want water effectively without causing massive disruption to the surrounding area, the drilling rig will come in handy.

The water well drilling rigs tend to vary in size. It can be a gigantic machine that is moved around by large vehicles or a small machine that you can manually move around.

Are you planning to drill water wells? Getting the best drilling rig equipment should be your top priority.

The best rig is the one that will operate at high efficiency while at the same time give you maximum efficiency.

In this guide, we will give you practical tips for choosing the best water well drilling rig.

Consider the drilling method/technology

Your choice of water drilling equipment will depend on the drilling technology of the equipment.

Apart from size, shape, and design, water well drilling equipment differs in terms of the technology or technique they use for drilling.

There are different types of drilling technologies, and each can work in specific areas.

Essential drilling technologies that you should know when buying water well rigs in China include;


Rotary drilling

This type of drilling technology is very suitable for areas with soft soil. Although it is popular in oil and gas production, it is also applicable to drilling water wells.

Rotary drilling entails bringing to the surface the cuttings of the drill. This is possible due to the pressure of the drilling fluid that is injected through the drill string.

The drill string helps to shield the wells’ walls from collapsing due to the forces generated during the drilling process.

Down-the-hole drilling

This technique is also known as rotary hammer drilling or rotary percussion drilling. This is because the drilling rig features a rotary cutter and a pneumatic hammer.

The excavated material is lifted up the well by the pressure which is exerted by the hammer. The compressed air is strong enough to do the lifting.

Drilling rigs that use this technology are quite powerful and tend to have high drilling rates. They are ideal for drilling through rocky surfaces.

They are also suitable for drilling artesian water wells ( wells in which water rises naturally through the surface suing the groundwater pressure).

The drilling technology is also suitable for deep well drilling. It can drill up to 4000 meters deep.

In case the drilling bit is more eccentric, the drilling process can be done using a casing advancement system. This is where tubes are installed to reinforce the holes as the drilling continues.

Core drilling technology

This type of water well drilling technology is slightly similar to the rotary drilling process. The only difference is it uses a crown to extract a sample.

Drilling rigs that use this technology are also well-suited for the soft soil.

Auger boring

Auger boring uses an auger, which is also called a worm screw. The drilling rig is mainly applicable to areas with sand and unconsolidated clay.

The worm clay or auger is responsible for bringing the excavated material to the surface. For deep drilling, you will have to regularly lift the auger to empty the excavated content before proceeding with the drilling process.

Top hammer drilling

In this water well drilling technology, the drilling rigs are designed to operate on a percussion system. However, one rig remains outside the borehole.

This drilling rig is mainly applicable for the small-diameter water wells where you don’t want the water well to cover a large surface area.

The system is also suitable for rocky grounds and shallow boreholes. Most importantly, the good thing about these rigs is they can operate in any direction.


Percussion drilling

Percussion drilling has a dropping tool that breaks rocks before it proceeds with the drilling process. Since the drill bit is vertically positioned, the drilling is automatically vertical.

The case is drilled to prevent the well from collapsing during the drilling process. The cuttings from the drill bit are usually reassembled to prevent interference with the drilling. They are usually replaced with a flap valve bailer.

Pipe jacking

The installation of horizontal pipelines mainly uses this drilling technology. The tube is continually pushed horizontally by the percussion method.

Remove the excavated material by water injection or auger

This water well drilling technology prevents vibration and disruption on the surface

It also eliminates the need for digging trenches during the water drilling process.

The type of drilling rig to buy

Apart from the drilling rig technology, you should also know the type of drilling rig that you should buy.
There are two main types of water drilling rigs. These are crawlers and trailer-mounted rigs.

Buy a crawler if the surface that you are planning to drill is unlevel and loose. Still, the stability of the drilling rig will be determined by the surface area of the surface.

Crawlers are known for being slow, with an average speed of 4km/h. It would be best if you chose it f you are not in haste when it comes to moving the rig around.

On the other hand, the trailer-mounted drilling rig moves through the trailer. They also derive their energy source from the vehicle, which may have an extra power generator.

Trailer-mounted drilling rigs are cheaper than the crawlers. They are also more convenient when it comes to the mobility of the drilling rig.

Cost of water well drilling rigs


The drilling rig price is one of the determinant factors that you should consider when deciding to buy water drilling rigs in China. After all, a water drilling rig is a form of investment, and you wouldn’t want to see your money going down the drain.

Water well drilling rig cost majorly depends on its specifications. You will pay more to get rigs that have premium specifications. For example, the wider the diameter of the rig, the higher the price. Similarly, the cost is directly proportional to the depth of the rig.

Drilling technology or drilling method also determines the price of water well drilling rigs. Some drilling methods used by the rig are more expensive than others. For example, a hydraulic drilling rig is more expensive than a shaft drilling rig.

Another factor that determines the cost is the water well drilling rig types. Here, we compare the trailer-mounted rig vs crawler rig. The latter is likely to be more expensive.

Water well drilling machine manufacturers and suppliers directly impact the prices of the water drilling machines. This explains why some drilling rig brands are expensive or cheaper than others.

In case you are looking for a low-cost water well drilling rig, you should compare the prices from different manufacturers and suppliers.

Water well drilling rig operational cost

Buying a water well drilling is one thing and maintaining it is another. Even though you may afford to buy an expensive water well drilling rig, maintenance can be an issue.

This is why it is important to carefully consider the issue of water well rig operational cost. Is the rig cheap or expensive to maintain.

If you are planning to use the drilling rig for commercial purposes, it will be important to consider the operational cost factor. Will the cost cut a huge chunk of your profit margin?

Common aspects of the operational cost include the rig’s fuel consumption, training required to use the rig, spare parts and accessories prices, salary of the rig operator, and maintenance cost.

It is no secret that some types of water well rigs are expensive to maintain than others. For example, a hydraulic drilling rig requires a higher maintenance cost than a vertical rig.

drilling rig

Drilling rig after-sales services

It would be best to consider the after-sales services before buying a water well drilling rig from any manufacturer. Your interaction with the manufacturer or supplier of the drilling equipment won’t end after the purchase. You may need their help later on.

Let’s say parts of the rig break down or malfunction. You will have to contact the manufacturer for help. Find out the aftermarket services of the manufacturer and gauge whether they meet your standards.

Aftermarket services tend to have a direct impact on the general usage of the rig. Poor services can hamper your productivity in case of a break down of the rig.

Spare parts for the drilling rig

When buying a water well drilling rig, try to find out the availability of the spare parts. Like most machines, the components of a water well drilling machine may need replacement.

You don’t want to go through the stress of looking for spare parts. It is time-consuming and will end up eating into your productivity.

Some parts may be unavailable, and you have to wait for the manufacturers to make them. This will take a toll on your drilling business. Confirm the availability and even prices of the spare parts before you buy.

Environmental protection

In recent years, many countries are strict when it comes to the issue of environmental conservation. They have put stringent measures to minimize environmental degradation.

Some of these laws touch on the well drilling process. Others water well drilling machines can cause pollution hence the need for regulation.

A few countries have embraced emission laws, which tend to affect some drilling rigs. Also, the others drilling methods cause more land disruption than others.

Safety of the drilling rig

The safety of the water well drilling process must be paramount when it comes to buying a rig.

Find out which drilling rig will drill the wells without being a safety risk to the operator, environment and the nearby infrastructures.

The drilling machine should be well-refined to prevent any cases of leakage, a factor that can lead to accidents.

Whether it is crawl drilling rigs or trailer-mounted drilling rigs, optimize its safety during transportation

Water well drilling rig manufacturer


One of the important factors that you should consider when buying water well drilling rigs is where you buy. By this, I mean the drilling rig manufacturer and supplier.

Where you buy the water rig matters, it will determine whether the drilling rig’s quality will be profitable or not.

The best drilling rig manufacturer in China, famous for selling high-quality drilling rigs. By this, I mean high-efficiency water drilling rigs for sale. You can entirely rely on their machines for maximum productivity.

Also, buying from the best water well drilling machine manufacturers will allow you to get the best deals. You will find new water drilling rigs for sale at reasonable prices.

We cannot ignore the aspect of aftersales services that you are likely to get from the best manufacturers. You will get adequate services such as warranty, maintenance, repair and spare parts for the drilling machine.

Sollant: Reliable Wtare Well Drilling Manufacturer in China

As we have pointed out, one of the tips for choosing the best water well drilling rig is the manufacturer.

For this reason, we at Sollant hope to provide a comprehensive solution when it comes to the drilling rig machines.

We are a global manufacturer and supplier of water well drilling rigs in China. This means that you can buy the rigs from wherever you are, and we will be ready to deliver.

Firstly, we have cutting-edge technology, which guarantees the quality of the final drilling rigs. Secondly, our team of water well rig technicians supervises the process to ensure that the product is perfect.

Moreover, our manufacturing standards are to the optimum levels and at par with the global requirements.

Are you looking for a low-cost water well drilling rig? Well, we have different rigs, and you will find one that matches your budget.

Contact us to find out more about the best water well drilling rigs in China.

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