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What factors should be considered when choosing a gas storage tank?

sollant gas tank
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The selection of a gas storage tank is directly related to whether the factory can use gas stably. Therefore, various factors, including internal pressure and vibration, must be comprehensively considered when selecting a gas storage tank.


  1. Internal pressure of gas tank

sollant gas tank

The main load of the gas storage tank is the internal gas pressure, which requires that the thickness of the wall and roof of the gas storage tank should be strong and firm enough, with high stability and corrosion resistance. In addition to being able to withstand high pressure, the gas storage tank must also be able to withstand low pressure. This is because as the outside climate temperature changes, the gas in the gas storage tank will also expand and contract with the temperature, and the pressure will change. In order to withstand this pressure change, gas storage tanks are generally designed to be spherical.


  1. Vibration effect of gas storage tank


Air compressors will produce large vibrations during operation, and factory production and even natural environmental factors will cause vibrations. Therefore, when selecting an air storage tank, you should also consider whether it is earthquake-resistant. The gas storage tank is designed with the shockproof effect in mind. The inner columns, upper and lower ring plates and guide rails on the gas storage tank tower section form a space frame that can withstand large external forces. But this is only limited to gas storage tank products with qualified quality.


Therefore, when choosing a gas storage tank, you must keep your eyes open. Internal pressure and earthquake resistance are two basic conditions that a gas storage tank must meet.

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