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FY200 Well Drilling Equipment - Sollant Group Production

The advantage of the top water well drilling equipment are as below

  • 200-meter drilling depth
  • Easy to transport and can learn how to handle the machine in a short time
  • It has strong power, can drill through hard stratum
  • The drilling equipment is highly mobile and can reach the most remote locations
  • Assure easily operation and long life service life

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Technical parameters of FY200 crawler pneumatic well drilling equipment.

Gross weightT5-5.8
drill rod calibermm76/89
Drilling depthm200
Feed strokemm3300
Lifting PowerT15
Travel speedkm/h2.5
Grade abilityMax.30°
Rising height from groundmm250
Wind pressureMpa1.7-3.0
Air consumptionm³/min17-30
Engine powerkw65-70
Rotary speedrpm45-70
Rotation torqueN.m3500-4800

1. Multifunctional: It can be used in various applications: small water wells, geothermal applications, soil surveys, and coring. It can meet the drilling needs of different rock formations and soils.
2. Convenient transportation: high support, easy loading; crawler chassis, it can also run easily in muddy areas. In addition, it can be matched with a portable diesel air compressor
3. High efficiency: Adopt advanced hydraulic technology, flexible and convenient operation, fast turning speed, short auxiliary time, and low failure rate.
4. Operating system: internal intensive operation platform, simple and comfortable operation
5. Each drilling rig undergoes a series of strict tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality and performance of the product.
6. Drilling depths have 180m, 200m, 280m, 300m, 350m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 800m, which can meet the needs of different customers.

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Water Drilling Project and Customers


In March 2019, Colombian's regular customers come to visit Sollant deep rock well drilling equipment workshop, we provide him with a complete agency plan.


In September 2019, Shandong Technology University came to discuss cooperation. We have been working with China's well-known universities of science and technology to jointly develop new models.


In December 2019, government officials from many countries in Southeast Asia came to discuss the portable water well drilling equipment project.

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The questions you need to know before buying a well drilling equipment

When it comes to water well drilling, the choice of machine for drilling the water well. The drilling rig that you buy will determine the quality of water well drilling. Running a water well drilling company, the drilling rig that you buy will have an impact on the speed of completing the contracts hence the money that you will be making.

A water well drilling equipment is a major investment that requires a critical decision-making process and soul searching before you choose one. Since these machines are quite pricey, you don’t want to make a decision that you will regret.

Will the drilling rig make me more money? Is it expensive? Where can I buy the drill rig? Well, these are just some of the common questions that you are likely to ask. Read on as we outline the most vital questions that you need to know when buying a well drilling equipment.

New or used water well drill rigs?

The first question that will get into your mind right at the moment that you enter the water well drill market is whether to buy a brand new well drill vs. a used water drill. Which one is the best between these two?

Since water well drilling machines are always presumed to be expensive, it will be difficult to resist the allure of buying cheaper used drills.

Like most machinery and equipment, used water drills will always be a cheaper option. They ideal if you are operating with a tight budget. Find a well-maintained drill rig and buy.

But, are the used drill rigs the best solution? As they say, cheap is expensive. If you buy a water drill in a hurry without doing due diligence, you may end up getting disappointed.

The used drill rig may be lacking some components or be in a bad condition that the previous owner might have managed to conceal. At the end of it, you may end up with junk drilling equipment that will require more maintenance before it becomes functional.

If you decide to buy a used water well drilling rig, take your time to do a thorough inspection to ascertain its state. A water drilling technician can do this for you.

If you are not ready to go through uncertainty regarding the state of the drilling machine, then consider buying a brand new water well drill rig. Although you will pay a higher price for the machine, you will have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that the machine is in good condition.

Also, buying a new water well drilling rig from the manufacturer guarantees you many fringe benefits. One of them is the after-sales services from the manufacturer. The water drill rig manufacturer can give you a warranty and even repair support. You cannot get these benefits if you choose to buy a used water well drill rig.

If you are planning to buy a new water well drilling rig, then you better buy from the best manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Do I have the right resources for the water well drilling rig?

Even after buying the water well rig, it will be a disservice if the equipment won’t be put into proper use. This is to imply that you do not have adequate resources to facilitate the operation of the machine to its utmost capacity.

One of the most important resources is experts who will be operating the equipment. Are they readily available or will you have to employ others? You may also consider training some of our staff members on operating the machines.

If you are buying a trailer-mounted water drilling machine, ask yourself whether you have the trailers ready in place to do the job.

The last thing that you will want after buying the water drilling machine is to wait for other resources or even deliver poor workmanship due to the unavailability of some key resources.

Well Drilling Equipment

Is the well drill rig reliable?

The reliability of a drilling rig refers to the ability of the equipment to continue functioning without having to undergo frequent breakdowns. Like any other machinery, a drilling rig can undergo physical, mechanical, and electrical breakdown.

If you buy used water well drill rigs in China, there is a high chance that you will face numerous reliability issues. This will be prevalent if the previous owner did not take good care of the drilling rig.

Unreliable well drilling machines will have a negative impact on the productivity at the water well. You will keep postponing the drilling process frequently to work on the machine. You may end up failing to deliver the project in time hence causing a breach of contract.

The reliability of the well drilling equipment will also have an impact on the drill rig machine.

You will spend more money on maintenance and this will eat into your profit. The result will be a negative financial report in your business.

How can I tell whether the well drilling equipment for sale is reliable or not? Check out the water well drilling equipment reviews what are the other buyers saying about the equipment? Minimal complaints could is a sign that the drilling rig is very reliable. On the other hand, lots of complaints could pint out to the unreliability of the drilling rig.

Is the drilling equipment manufacturer reliable?

Your questions should go beyond the drilling rig equipment. You should ask about the manufacturer of the well drilling machine manufacturers.

Find out how many years they have been in the business to know their experience in the industry. Naturally, we are inclined to buy from the experienced manufacturers and suppliers of the drilling machines.

You can also inquire about the quality of services that they give their customers. What are the terms of warranties for their drilling equipment? Can they deliver the equipment to your location at a low cost?

Also, the best way of determining the reliability of the manufacturer is by looking out for their reviews. Are they positive or do they have too many negative reviews? From such information, you can easily judge where the manufacturer belongs.

What drilling method does the equipment use?

You should inquire about the drilling method or drilling technology that the machine uses before you take any purchasing step.

There are different types of drilling methods:

-Down the hole drilling: This method is ideal for drilling through rocky grounds. It can drill up to depths of 4000 meters and is usually used with an air compressor.

-Auger drilling: This drilling technology is perfect for drilling through soft soil, sand, and clay. It does not require the use of an air compressor.

-Rotary drilling with mud pump: This method is presumed to be the cheapest way of drilling different types of ground. It can work on both soft sand and rocky surfaces. However, t is slower than down the hole drilling (DTH).

-Top hammer drilling method: This drilling technology is a perfect fit for the consolidated land. It drills small diameter and shallow water wells. It can also be used for inclined drilling.

How do I choose the best method for water well drilling? You can use advice from water well experts. They will analyze the soil and recommend the best water drilling method.

What is the impact of the drilling equipment on the environment?

Nowadays, most countries have set up strict rules regarding the issue of environmental conservation. Some of these rules affect the water well drilling process.

For example, there are rules and regulations for engine emission. Since the drill rig is a machine that also has an engine, it is bound by these rules. Find out whether the emission from the equipment is within the regulations of your region or they exceed.

Apart from just the emission, you should also analyze other aspects of environmental degradation such as land and water. Find out whether the water drilling equipment is in line with these regulations.

Take your time to familiarize yourself with all the environmental regulations of your jurisdiction. From there, you will be in a perfect position to ask the right questions about the equipment.

After all, you don’t want to buy water drilling equipment that will eventually be stopped from operating as it violets some of the rules.

Are the spare parts of the equipment available?

Just like any other machine you need to find out the availability of the spare parts for the water well drilling machine.

In the course of operation, some parts of the drilling machine may wear out while others break down or get damaged. All these parts will need to be replaced so that the drilling operation does not stop.

How easily can I find the spare parts of the drilling equipment? Will the manufacturer supply the spare parts in time or will I have to wait for weeks or even months before I get them?

You should also find out whether there are suppliers of the drilling equipment spare parts near your locality. Avoid water well drilling equipment whose spare parts seem to be unavailable.

What is the price of the water drilling rig for sale?

This is among the very first questions that you will ask about the water well drilling rig. From the price tag, you will be able to tell whether it is an affordable water well rig or it is beyond your reach.

Normally, the price of the water well drilling equipment depends on the specifications of the equipment. Some machines come with higher specifications than others.

For example, the price of a water well drilling machine is likely to increase with the depth and diameter of the well.

The drilling method or technology that is used by the equipment will also determine the price. DTH drilling machine has a higher price tag than the coring drilling machine. Similarly, hydraulic drilling machines are more expensive than vertical shaft drilling machines.

In terms of mobility, truck-mounted water well drills are more expensive than the crawler mounted drilling machines.

What is the operational cost of the drilling equipment?

In addition to the price, you should also ask about the operational cost of the water well drilling equipment. This is very crucial, especially when viewing it from a business perspective.

If you are running a water well drilling business, your net profit will depend on the operational cost of the drilling equipment. The higher the cost, the smaller the profit margin.

Some of the key aspects of operational cost include fuel cost, maintenance, cost of spare parts, the cost of the drilling rig, and the cost of the casing.

The operational cost will also depend on the drilling technology that the equipment uses. Compare the cost of the machines and choose the one that will be suitable for you.

Is the water drilling machine safe?

It is vital to analyze the safety aspect of the drilling machine before you go ahead and pay for it.
Is the machine safe to the operator and the people around it? Does it pose any safety risk when in use and when on transit?

You should buy a drilling machine only after you are sure about all its safety aspects.

What aftersales support does the drill rig manufacturer provide?

A reputable water well drill rig manufacturer will want customers to enjoy every aspect of their products. They do this by providing maximum customer support when necessary.
You don’t want to find yourself getting stuck between a water drilling project yet there is no one to back you up.

Choose manufacturers that provide adequate technical support. The support can include basic items such as manuals and tutorials or training sessions. Inexperienced drilling machine operators will gain valuable knowledge from such sessions.

One of the most common support comes in the form of a manufacturer’s warranty. It shows that the manufacturer has full confidence in their water drilling machines.
They should be committed to implementing the warranty as long as it meets the set requirements.

Parting shot

Once you have laid down all these questions and found their perfect answers, you can go ahead and buy the ideal water well drilling rigs in China.

The best way of getting the right answers to these questions is by involving water well experts. They will give you any information that you need about a particular water well drilling equipment for sale.

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