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300m Water Drilling Machine / Sollant Manufacturer

The advantage of Sollant water driling machine

  • Provide high-performance portable diesel air compressor
  • High efficiency,300m drilling depth, large rotary torque
  • Integrated automation equipment,all-terrain moves by itself
  • Adopt consummate design, long service life
  • Drill different terrain ground,soil, sand, and rock

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Technical parameters of FY300 ground water drilling machine.



Gross weight T 7
Dimension mm 4100*1950*2600
Aperture mm 140-325
Drilling depth m 300
Drill rod caliber mm 76/89/102
Feed stroke mm 3400
Travel speed km/h 2.5
Lifting Power T 18
Grade ability Max. 30°
Rising height from ground mm 230
Wind pressure Mpa 1.7-3.3
Air consumption m³/min 17-35
Engine power kw 85
Rotary speed rpm 40-70
Rotation torque N.m 5700-7500

1. Multifunctional: It can be used in various applications: small water wells, geothermal applications, soil surveys, and coring. It can meet the drilling needs of different rock formations and soils.
2. Convenient transportation: high support, easy loading; crawler chassis, it can also run easily in muddy areas. In addition, it can be matched with a portable diesel air compressor
3. High efficiency: Adopt advanced hydraulic technology, flexible and convenient operation, fast turning speed, short auxiliary time, and low failure rate.
4. Operating system: internal intensive operation platform, simple and comfortable operation
5. Each drilling rig undergoes a series of strict tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality and performance of the product.
6. Drilling depths have 180m, 200m, 280m, 300m, 350m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 800m, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Durable & Reliable Water Drilling Machine Manufacturer from China | Sollant

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Water Drilling Project and Customers


In March 2019, Colombian's regular customers come to visit Sollant water drilling rig workshop, we provide him with a complete agency plan.


In September 2019, Shandong Technology University came to discuss cooperation. We have been working with China's well-known universities of science and technology to jointly develop new models.


In December 2019, government officials from many countries in Southeast Asia came to discuss the water well drilling rig project.

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How to Maximize Your Water Drilling Machine’s ROI


A water drilling machine is a type of investment. It is an asset that you can use to generate income. Like any other type of investment, the first thing that you should consider when buying the drill is the return on investment (ROI). Will I be able to get the money that I have invested in the machine?

If the returns from the machine are not good enough, then your water drilling machine will be a loss-making business. This is not something that you want. So, what should I do to ensure that I get the best returns from the water well drilling rig?

In this article, we have compiled various methods that you can utilize to maximize the water drilling machine’s ROI.

Cheap is not always the solution

When the term ROI is mentioned, the first thing that many people think about is choosing the cheapest option available. It is easy to assume that by getting the cheapest water well drilling machine, you will be able to get your ROI faster or within a short time.

While this logic may work in some business, it can fail terribly when it comes to the water drilling business. In as much as the price of the drilling machine will definitely be a major factor in calculating the ROI, you should also look at the implications of the cost.

Yes, you may end up with the cheapest water drilling machine, what about its performance? In most cases, cheap drilling rigs tend to have inferior features hence underwhelming performance.

When it comes to the actual drilling task, the machine may fail to attain quality drilling. Let’s say you want to drill a rocky terrain using your cheap water drilling rig. Achieving your target will be quite a herculean task.

Before you rush to buy cheap water well drilling equipment in China, look at its features. Will you end up abandoning major projects due to the inferiority of the machine? Will the equipment deliver excellent results under all conditions?

In addition to the performance issue, a cheap water well drilling rig can fail you when it comes to reliability. A drilling machine that has been assembled in haste has minimal chance of becoming reliable. This means that you may end up spending more money on repair and maintenance hence trimming down your ROI.

In short, the upfront price of a water well drilling machine shouldn’t be the main determinant for maximizing your ROI.

Consider the location


The geographical location plays a major role in determining the ROI of the machine. You may end up making huge losses and low ROI if you don’t take into consideration the location.

Here the issue of portable water well drilling machine comes in. You may consider a small water drilling machine for portability.

You may incur huge expenses when transporting the drilling machine to the remotest locations. For example, transporting a poorly constructed water well rig over rough terrain may not be a good idea.

This is because some components may end up getting damaged forcing you to spend some good amount on repair and replacement. It may also be hectic to transport some water well drilling rigs over a long distance.

Another aspect of the location that will have a direct impact on the ROI is the soil type. If you are running a water well drilling business, it is expected that you will work on different types of soil.

However, this does not mean that you can go ahead and select any type of machine without any consideration. Instead, your choice should be based on where you are likely to work on a regular basis. From the assessment, you will know whether to buy a hydraulic water well drilling machine or mechanical drilling machine.

Mechanical water well drills are preferred for their versatility. They can drill on sand, loam, and clay soils. These drilling equipment are also loved because of their power.

They can drill water wells of up to 200 feet making them suitable not only for water projects but also for geothermal drilling.

Mechanical water drilling machines are compact and light hence easily portable. They tend to have very few moving parts, hence you don’t have to worry about any component getting damaged during the transportation. You can easily load this drilling rig onto and transport it to the desired destinations.

However, mechanical drills are not ideal for drilling through rocks. This is where hydraulic water well drills come in. If most of your water drilling projects will be on rocky areas, then you should consider buying a hydraulic drilling rig in China.

Another advantage of the hydraulic water drilling equipment is the ability to drill deep regardless of the nature of the ground. You can easily achieve depths of between 300water drilling and 400m water drilling using a hydraulic water drilling machine. You can improve this performance if you buy a drilling machine that has an anchoring option.


The cost of transporting a water well drill will directly affect the ROI. The returns from the machine will be low if you spend a significant amount of money to transport the rig.

In most cases, you will consider the trailer-mounted vs freestanding water well drilling rigs. Trailer-mounted water drilling machines are easy to transport. You can deliver the machine to the drilling site fast and without any constraints. It is also easier to set up this type of drilling rig once you are at the location.

The main drawback of the trailer-mounted machines is cost. You will spend more to transport a trailer-mounted than a hydraulic rig.

The quality of construction

If you intend to get a high ROI from a water drilling machine, then you should pay the quality of its construction before buying it. Does the machine feature a premium construction or is it poorly made?

The quality of the construction will determine the durability of the equipment. If it has been constructed to the optimum levels, then it will last for long. This will increase the chances of getting a high ROI from the equipment.

On the other hand, poor workmanship of a water drilling machine will lead to a low ROI. There are several reasons why the returns from this type of machine are likely to fail to impress. One of them is shorter service life. The drilling equipment will not last for long hence you will not be able to get the best from it.

Also, poor construction of the water drilling machine can lead to frequent breakdowns. This will result in high maintenance costs hence low ROI.

But, how can I tell whether the water drilling rig for sale features a premium construction or not? One way is by looking at the types of materials that have been used on the equipment.

Quality construction features heavy-duty steel frames accompanied by thick drill pipes.

Strong material means that the equipment will be capable of surviving all types of drilling conditions. Thin frames and pipe drills are likely to bend or even break when subjected to intense water drilling conditions.

In addition to the material, you should also look at the methods that have been used to treat the components. It is advisable to choose heat-treated stainless steel materials for the frames as they are protected from the effects of rust and corrosion.

You can also gauge the quality of construction by the simplicity of the equipment. The simple and compact design of the water well drilling machine means that you will have an easy time when it comes to doing repair and maintenance. The simple design also means that you will have an easy time when it comes to transporting the equipment to different drilling sites.

Water well drill rig maintenance


The issue of maximizing the ROI of a machine cannot be complete if we don’t mention the maintenance of the equipment. It is only through proper water well drill maintenance that you will be able to get the best output hence high ROI.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your water well drilling rig is in perfect condition to execute any type of water drilling project. This means that there will be a very minimum interruption of work due to breakdowns.

Also, maintenance is one of the most effective ways of increasing the durability of the drilling equipment. Some aspects of the maintenance such as cleaning are designed to protect the rig from unexpected damage hence longer service life.

Create a schedule for water drilling rig maintenance and follow it to the later. You will be impressed by the high ROI that you will get from the equipment.

Manufacturer’s support

The support that you get from a water well drill manufacturer will determine whether you get a high ROI or not.

Even though you may be having the best team to operate the water drilling equipment, there are various occasions where you may need to get support directly from the manufacturer and supplier.

For example, if the parts of the water drill rig have malfunctioned and you need to replace them yet there is only one place that you can get the parts; the manufacturer.

If the manufacturer delays in delivering the required parts, the water drilling project will have to stall until the parts are delivered. You don’t what to imagine what will happen to the ROI if you find yourself in such a circumstance frequently.

What if you want to learn more about how to use the water drilling equipment? Does the manufacturer provide the right support system for this? The support can come in the form of training manuals and tutorials. Manufacturers should clarify how to handle the equipment so that you can minimize accidents and mechanical damages.

The support can also come in the form of a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a commitment of the manufacturer to help you in case the equipment gets damaged and meets the warranty requirements.

It will be disheartening for the machine to break down just a few weeks after buying yet it is not covered by the warranty. It will reduce your ROI by a big margin. With the warranty, you will easily sail through and still reap an impressive warranty.

Drilling machine operators

While this may appear to be a minor issue, the operators of the machine also have an impact on the ROI of the water well drilling equipment.

The ROI will be high if the machine is operated by qualified and experienced water drilling rig technicians. These are people who know about every aspect of the equipment. They will handle it properly and accurately minimizing mechanical damages.

Qualified technicians are also capable of delivering a perfect water drilling project and this will elevate the reputation of your business.

On the other hand, using experienced people will have a negative impact on the ROI. They may end upon causing some serious damage which will be expensive to repair.

Apart from damages, unqualified technicians can end up doing poor-quality work which will automatically lead to low returns.

So, before you hand over the water drilling rig to an operator, be sure that they are capable of operating it. Verify if they have the right certifications or any other qualification requirements. You should also verify their working experience and find out the type of drilling rigs that they have operated before.

Professional qualifications aside, it will be wise to verify the work ethics of the operators. Even though they may have the right knowledge and skills for handling the drill rig, their work ethics may be unethical. Poor work culture can lead to low ROI even if you have the best water drilling machine.

Strive to get the best team of drilling operators and you will be amazed by the high ROI that you will get from the equipment.

Choosing a reliable water drilling rig manufacturer in China

Water Drilling MachineAs we have seen, water drilling equipment manufacturers play different roles in helping you to get the maximum ROI from the water drilling machine. So, your choice of equipment manufacturer matters.

Choose the best drilling manufacturer and you will get the best ROI. The reverse is true if you end up with a poor choice of the drilling machine manufacturer.

We at Sollant are fully dedicated to helping our clients get the best ROI from their water drilling machines.
We are a reputable water drilling equipment manufacturer in China that takes pride in manufacturing and selling quality products.

Are you ready to have a fruitful and profitable drilling machine that will lead to high ROI? Contact us and we will discuss how you can achieve this goal.

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Maximizing Your ROI