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FY280 Well Drilling Rig - Sollant Group Production

The advantages of Sollant FY-280 hydraulic well drilling rig

  • It has the advantages of large drilling diameter, deep drilling, flexible and efficient, etc
  • 280-meter drilling depth
  • Drilling diameter: 140-305mm
  • New model made-in-China Sollant Group
  • OEM and ODM orders accepted
  • A walking crawler is set at the bottom of the fuselage, which effectively improves the efficiency of moving

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Technical parameters of FY280 well drilling rig.



Gross weightT6.6
Drill rod calibermm76/89
Drilling depthm280
Feed strokemm6600
Lifting PowerT17
Travel speedkm/h2.5
Grade abilityMax.30°
Rising height from groundmm250
Wind pressureMpa1.7-3.0
Air consumptionm³/min17-30
Engine powerkw70
Rotary speedrpm45-70-130
Rotation torqueN.m4500-6000

1. Multifunctional: It can be used in various applications: small water wells, geothermal applications, soil surveys, and coring. It can meet the drilling needs of different rock formations and soils.
2. Convenient transportation: high support, easy loading; crawler chassis, it can also run easily in muddy areas. In addition, it can be matched with a portable diesel air compressor
3. High efficiency: Adopt advanced hydraulic technology, flexible and convenient operation, fast turning speed, short auxiliary time, and low failure rate.
4. Operating system: internal intensive operation platform, simple and comfortable operation
5. Each drilling rig undergoes a series of strict tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality and performance of the product.
6. Drilling depths have 180m, 200m, 280m, 300m, 350m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 800m, which can meet the needs of different customers.

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Water Drilling Project and Customers


In March 2019, Colombian's regular customers come to visit Sollant water well drilling rig workshop, we provide him with a complete agency plan.


In September 2019, Shandong Technology University came to discuss cooperation. We have been working with China's well-known universities of science and technology to jointly develop new models.


In December 2019, government officials from many countries in Southeast Asia came to discuss the water well drilling rig project.

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Practical Tips About Well Drilling Rig Maintenance


Access to clean water is a basic necessity and this is why water wells are drilled. The drilling process is intense as the machines break the ground, rocks, and tear through the mud until you finally reach the water table. Like any other machine, the water drilling rig takes a serious beating during the drilling process.

It gets dirty, some parts wear out while others are broken.

If you don’t act in time, you may end up losing the drilling rig as it will not perform perfectly as before. Well drilling rig maintenance is one of the activities that can help to preserve the life of the drilling rig.

Read on as I compile the best tips for well rig maintenance. They will equip you with the right information on what to do and how to do when it comes to the maintenance of the water well rig.

Reasons for water well rig maintenance

-To minimize downtime when drilling well

While drilling the water wells, downtime can occur when the drilling machine breaks down and stops working. This means that you will have to stop the drilling process until when the equipment is back to a proper working condition.

Downtimes have a negative effect on the productivity of the well drilling. You will lose many working hours especially if the problem persists.

A properly maintained water well drilling rig is unlikely to cause numerous downtimes. You will continue drilling the well without worrying about frequent breakdowns that will lead to wastage of time

-To maintain image and reputation

Are you running a water well drilling business? The reputation of your company matters, both to the clients and even the competitors.

You will earn a negative reputation if your water well drilling machine keeps breaking down in the middle of the operation. People will start associating your company with faulty water drill rigs that tend to break down frequently.

If the news about the unreliability of your machines spread, you will definitely be in hot soup. Potential clients will start shunning you and this will lead to the loss of business.

Regular well drill equipment maintenance will ensure that the drilling equipment is always in good condition. This will have a positive impact on the name and reputation of your business.

-To save the finances

Maintenance of the water ell drilling equipment will cost you some money. For this reason, some people choose to postpone thinking that they will save that money.

In reality, forgoing to maintain the well drilling equipment will be more expensive. You may end up with huge financial losses just because you thought you were saving.

For example, regular maintenance will ensure some key components of the drilling equipment are in perfect shape. If not, they are repaired in good time. If such parts are ignored, they may end up getting damaged forcing you to buy new ones.

Another financial aspect is when you fail to do the maintenance and the equipment breaks down in the middle of the water well drilling process. The delay and also emergency repair will leave a financial dent in your account. In short, regular maintenance will save you from unexpected financial turmoil.

-Increased equipment service life

A properly maintained water well rig will last for longer than the one that is not well-maintained. His is something that happens in most machines.

Some well rig maintenance practices entail taking care of the drilling machine with the goal of ensuring that the components don’t suffer premature damage.

For example, lubricating the moving parts of the drilling machine will protect them from damage due to friction. Also cleaning the equipment will protect it from impurities that have the potential of causing chemical damage such as corrosion. The result is your drilling machine will serve you for a long without any breakdown.

-Improved safety

Safety is an important aspect of any water drilling process. The equipment must be refined to meet the highest safety standards.

One of the aspects of yay that is addressed during maintenance is the safety of the equipment. All the risk factors such as leakage and overheating are dealt with during a routine maintenance exercise.

A water well equipment that is deemed safe will motivate a positive working environment. The operators will operate it with full confidence knowing that they are assured of their safety.

-Maximum drilling performance

Regular maintenance improves the overall performance of the drilling equipment. Some drilling practices such as sharpening the rig ensures that they can penetrate through the sand easily.

High performance will lead to an improved quality of the water well drilling process. The machine will operate with the utmost preciseness and will execute the required projects within a short time.

For these reasons, it is crystal clear that water drill maintenance is not something that you can afford to ignore. Schedule to have it done regularly so that you can maximize its benefits to the fullest.

Effective tips for well drilling rig maintenance


Without further ad, let’s look at some of the techniques and tricks that can help you to ensure that your drilling rig is properly maintained.

1. Know the components that require full maintenance

The basic foundation for the water well drilling rig is knowing the key components of this equipment and how they should be handled.

This is vital because not all the components are handled in the same manner. A maintenance method that will work for one component may backfire on another.

The main components of the water well drilling machine that you should know include:

-Engines, motors, and generators

These three are the heart of the water well drilling equipment. The whole operation of the drilling machine is based on these components. A water well drilling equipment can experience engine malfunctioning and failure and this will cost you quite some dime to repair and replace.

Maintenance of the engine and motor entails performing activities such as assessing the bores and strokes, inspection and replacement of fluids such as oil, monitoring the operating temperature, and lubricating the moving parts.


The main function of the drawbacks is to control the vertical movements of the drilling rig. A drawwork can be powered by either the hydraulic or pneumatic system. Some of the things that you should check out on the drawbacks include winches, spools, and the horizontal rotating drums.

-Hoisting equipment

This component comprises a combination of the draw works and the derrick. Their primary role is to control the lifting of the water well drilling rig.

The mechanical force that is subjected to this equipment means that you should inspect for cracks, dents, and scaffolding. You should fix these problems to maintain the structural integrity of the equipment.

-Mud circulation system

This component plays a critical role in extracting mud from the water well during the drilling process. A mud circulation system can be a basic mud pump, shale shaker, or even a suction line. Components of mud systems that require maintenance include valves, hoses, swivels, and valves. Check out for cracks, leaks, and clogs.

2. Create a checklist

Water well drilling maintenance is not a task that you should do randomly or without any structure. You should be organized. Start by drafting a checklist of all the tasks that you will perform on the machine.

A checklist will ensure that you work on all the components thoroughly. You will only move to the next component after you have worked on one. You will also save on time as there will be no distractions. The list will also result in fulfilling maintenance.

3. Sharpen the vital components


Water well drilling entails cutting, digging, and slicing through the soil surface. The components that are involved in this process must be sharp enough to execute these moves.

Over time, such components tend to be blunt. And this makes the drilling process more tedious and cumbersome. Failure to sharpen these parts during your routine maintenance session will have a negative impact on the overall performance of the well drilling process.

Sharp well drill rigs are more accurate and consume less energy. Some of the well drill rig components that you should sharpen include drill bits, precision cutters, end mills, and lathe tools.

4. Keep the water well drilling machines clean

While water well drilling is literally a dirty job, you should strive to maintain some level of cleanliness. Cleaning the machine is part of the mandatory water well drilling rig maintenance practice.

Cleaning the drilling equipment ensures that it is free of dirt, dust, and other contaminants that have the potential of damaging the equipment.

Inspect the seals of the equipment to remove all the contaminants and ensure that they are in good condition. Clean the filters and replace them if they are worn out.

Other than the sensitive components, you should also clean all other basic parts to remove contaminants that have the potential of corroding the machine.

You should also store the water well drill rig in a clean environment where it will not be exposed to all forms of contaminants.

5. Lubrication and rotation of drill pipe

The drill pipe of a water drilling rig is subjected to frictional force. If not checked it can cause physical damage. Proper lubrication will save the equipment from damage.

Choose the right type of lubricant to do the lubrication. It should be a manufacturer’s recommended lubricant.

6. Keep the records of the maintenance schedules

Water well rig maintenance is a routine practice that you will be doing regularly. One of the most effective tips is keeping records of everything that you do during a particular maintenance session.

List down all the parts that worked on and what you did on them. Are there some parts that you replaced? List them. You can even write where you bought the parts and their prices.

Good record keeping is a great reference tool in the future. In case you get stuck while working on a problem, you will check the records and know the steps that you took.

7. Adhere to the equipment manual and guidelines

In whatever you do during the water drilling rig maintenance, ensure that it is according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This is vital regardless of your experience in working on the water well drill rigs.

The manufacturer knows all the details of the water drilling equipment and will state what can be done and what cannot be done on them.

For example, the manufacturer will state the chemicals that you can use for cleaning the drilling equipment and those that you should not use.

The manual will also give you details when the component is beyond repair and you should consider getting a replacement. You will also use the details on the manuals to choose the replacements for worn-out and damaged parts.

Buy quality water well drilling rig for sale


Even as we insist on the issue of water well drilling maintenance, there is one thing that will always remain constant: the quality of the water well drilling rig.

With the right types of well drilling rigs, you will be less stressed by this monstrous issue of maintenance. Such rigs are made of premium components and the quality of their construction is on a high level.

And where can I get the best well drilling rig for sale? The surest place is from reliable water well drilling rig manufacturers and suppliers.

These are entities that are fully dedicated to producing quality machines for drilling wells.

It is for this reason, that we at Sollant Drilling are always dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the best well drilling rig.
Whether you want a portable well drilling rig, 280m well drilling rig, mini well drilling rig, or even small water well drilling rigs for sale we are there for you.

Simply contact us and we will respond to your queries.

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