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The Advantages of FY400 Water Drilling Rig

We hope to let you know our advantages and win-win cooperation in the least time.

  • 400-meter drilling depth
  • Using the principle of pneumatic impact, the drilling footage is fast and efficient.
  • Equipped with steel crawler chassis, it has strong cross-country performance and can easily cope with various complex work
  • Centralized operating handles, reasonable layout, safe, and feasible.
  • Excellent workmanship, durable, and low maintenance costs.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Technical parameters of FY400 crawler pneumatic water drilling rig.



Gross weight T 10
Dimension mm 5900*2100*2850
Aperture mm 140-350
Drilling depth m 400
Drill rod caliber mm 89/102/108
Feed stroke mm 6600
Lifting Power T 25
Travel speed km/h 2.5
Grade ability Max. 30°
Rising height from ground mm 250
Wind pressure Mpa 1.7-3.5
Air consumption m³/min 17-35
Engine power kw 92
Rotary speed rpm 45-115
Rotation torque N.m 6500-9000

1. Multifunctional: It can be used in various applications: small water wells, geothermal applications, soil surveys, and coring. It can meet the drilling needs of different rock formations and soils.
2. Convenient transportation: high support, easy loading; crawler chassis, it can also run easily in muddy areas. In addition, it can be matched with a portable diesel air compressor
3. High efficiency: Adopt advanced hydraulic technology, flexible and convenient operation, fast turning speed, short auxiliary time, and low failure rate.
4. Operating system: internal intensive operation platform, simple and comfortable operation
5. Each drilling rig undergoes a series of strict tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality and performance of the product.
6. Drilling depths have 180m, 200m, 280m, 300m, 350m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 800m, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Durable & Reliable Water Drilling Rig Manufacturer from China | Sollant

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Water Drilling Project and Customers


In March 2019, Colombian's regular customers come to visit Sollant water drilling rig workshop, we provide him with a complete agency plan.


In September 2019, Shandong Technology University came to discuss cooperation. We have been working with China's well-known universities of science and technology to jointly develop new models.


In December 2019, government officials from many countries in Southeast Asia came to discuss the water well drilling rig project.

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A Review on Major Water Drilling Rig Brands from Global Market


Which is the best brand for water drilling machine? This is a question that you are likely to ask. We all desire to get products from the best brands. This is mainly because the best manufacturers are known for producing quality and reliable products.

In recent years, we have witnessed a sporadic rise in demand for water drill rigs across the globe. Whether it is in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, water drilling rigs are highly needed for the drilling of water wells and boreholes.

To cater to increased demand, there has been a steady rise in water drilling rigs manufacturers. This explains why the market is flooded with different brands of drilling rigs.

All of them are claiming to be selling the best rigs for water well drilling. In reality, we all know that only a few of them may pass the quality test.

As a prospective buyer, you need to be careful with the water drilling rig brands that you are buying. This is because not all of them are equal: Some are good while others deliver underwhelming performance.

In this article, we are going to give you a full guide for the best global brands that offer water drilling rigs for sale.

Advantages of choosing the best brands for water well drills

Why should I bother to buy my water drilling rigs from the best brands?

There must be some motivation that must push you to choose one brand of the water drill over another. Some reasons are too strong to ignore.

Here are some of the top advantages of buying the best brands of water drilling rigs:

Quality water drilling rig

When you think of a reputable brand the first thing that should come into your mind is quality water drilling rigs for sale. After all, one of the reasons as to why they are known is because of their premium products.

The best brands have adequate resources that they need to design and manufacture quality water drilling rigs. The quality of a water drilling rig can be viewed in many different aspects. Maybe it is made of strong materials or is powerful enough for all the water drilling tasks. The drill may be of high quality because it is efficient in terms of energy consumption.

When comparing the quality of the drilling rig, analyze its features so that you know what you will get from the machine.

Reasonable cost of the water drilling rig

Another advantage of choosing the best brands is the cost of a water drilling rig. The best brands are known for selling their drilling equipment at very reasonable prices.

Usually, the water drilling rig prices are determined by the quality and features of the drilling equipment. If the drilling rig comes with premium features, its price will automatically be high. The same applies to the construction of the equipment. Premium construction means a high price.

Despite all the cost variables, the best brands try as much as possible to charge their equipment fairly. You will not pay exorbitant prices for low-quality water drilling equipment.

On the other hand, you are likely to be charged highly for the low-quality product if you choose to buy from unscrupulous brands.

Aftersales support

After buying a water drilling rig what next? Like most sophisticated machines your relationship with the manufacturer won’t end just like that. You will still need them for various aftermarket support.

Like most machines and other sophisticated equipment, you will be contacting the manufacturers for spare parts, service training among others.

The best brands are known for providing after-sales services. Buy from them and you will not have any troubles months and even years after using the drilling rig.

Such manufacturers will be always available to offer the maximum support that you need for the equipment. Whether you want the replacement parts, updates, or training, you will be sure to find one.

A variety of water drilling rigs

The good thing about the best water drilling rig manufacturers is the plenty of options that they give you. They manufacture and sell different types of the water drilling rig and you will have the advantage of exploring some options before you choose one.

This is unlike the low unreliable brands that only stock a few drilling rigs for sale. Your choice of the drilling rig will be limited to the few options available.

Top 6 global brands for water drilling rig

Here are the major water well rig brands that you should know:

1. Prodrill

Proddrill is among the popular global manufacturers of water well drilling machines. The company is based in Canada and specializes in drilling bits, drilling pipes, DTH hammers, DTH rods, and the drilling rigs sub adapters.

This is quite an old company that has been in the business since 1992. This tells you that they are well-experienced in matters concerning the water drilling machines.

The drilling rigs from Prodrill are of high quality and meet global standards. They are strong enough to withstand the deep well drilling operations.

2. Sollant drill rig

Sollant is ranked among the best water well drilling rig manufacturers in China. The company has stamped its authority in this field for quite a number of years thanks to the reliability of its water well drilling rigs.

The expansive global network of its representatives is among the reasons behind the popularity of Sollant. It can supply the drilling equipment to many countries across the globe. In terms of quality, water drilling rigs from Sollant don’t disappoint.

They are designed and manufactured to the utmost precision. They meet both the physical and mechanical requirements for the water drilling rig.

The price of water drilling rigs at Sollant is quite fair. They are cheaper than the drilling rigs from most manufacturers. Despite the low prices, you will still get quality rigs that will meet all your water drilling needs.

Sollant is also good at providing aftermarket support. Each product that you buy from the manufacturer is accompanied by a warranty. The manufacturer also provides training manuals that you can use as a guide book for the drilling rig.

3. Lifewater Drilling Technology

Lifewater Drilling Technology is a USA-based company that specializes in manufacturing water drilling rigs for sale.
The initial goal of this manufacturer was to redesign the existing drilling rigs so that they meet the versatile needs of the boreholes.

Did the company achieve this goal? The manufacturer has to some extend developed the drilling rigs that meet the market demand. An example is their portable drilling rig that makes it easy for users to move around.

Since the primary target for the manufacturer was developing countries, they constructed their drilling rigs to survive the harshest conditions. This simply means that their drilling rigs are strong, tough, and reliable.


XCMG is a renowned water drilling rig manufacturer in China. The manufacturer mainly specializes in drilling rod, truck crane and drilling diamond hit.

XCMG boasts of being in the water drilling equipment for 70 years. So, if you are looking for an experienced water drilling rig manufacturer in China, the answer is right on your face.

It has managed to stay afloat and currently ranks well among the global water drilling rig manufacturers. Recently they the company was ranked No.5 global manufacturer of heavy-duty equipment.

5. IMT International

IMT is an Italian manufacturer of water drilling products. Like most Italian companies, you should expect nothing but the best from this manufacturer.

IMT boasts of high-tech water drilling equipment. It has drilling rigs that utilize the latest technology to drill water wells and boreholes. For example, one of their drilling rigs allows users to stock water directly under the ground level to minimize contamination.

The drilling rigs from IMT are optimized to give solutions where there seems to be no way out.

6. Pride Engineering

Although it was just started in 2011, Pride Engineering has also managed to position itself among the global manufacturers of water drilling equipment.

Some of the water drilling products from the manufacturer include the drilling rigs for vertical and horizontal drilling screwing piles, mini excavators, and mini loaders.

One of the reasons behind the company’s fast rise to the global scene is their excellent customer service. Also, they usually involve customers in the design process. This ensures that the product is fully optimized for the customer’s needs.

Factors to consider when choosing a water drilling rig manufacturer


From the list of the best water drilling brands, what are some of the things that I should do to end up buying from the best manufacturer?

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing water drilling rigs;

The price of a water drilling rig

What is the cost of water drilling rigs? Request for a comprehensive quotation from the manufacturer to find out their prices.
Whether you want affordable water drilling rigs or you want high-performance borehole drilling equipment, you will be able to tell from the quotation.

It will be more prudent to compare the prices from different brands and at the end of it all you will end up with a brand that meets your budget.

Experience of the manufacturer

Most buyers are wired to buy from experienced water drilling rigs manufacturers. Such brands are always assumed to be capable of making the best drilling equipment.

So, find out how many years the manufacturer has been in the business of manufacturing and selling water drilling rigs.

However, even as you focus on the experienced manufacturers, you should not count out on the new entrants. Some of them are equally good or even way better.

So, apart from the experience of the brand, consider looking into other variables that will help you verify the legibility of the water drilling rig manufacturer.

What types of water drilling rig does the manufacturer have?

Since there are different types of water drilling rigs for sale, it is vital to find out the type that the manufacturer has.

While the brand may be popular, do not be surprised if it does not have the specific borehole drilling equipment that you want.
To be on the safe side, do extensive research to find out whether they have what you want. If they have plenty of options, don’t hesitate to compare them until you end up with something good.

Water drilling rigs reviews

This is another highly effective method of telling whether it is a reliable water drilling rig brand or not. What are other people saying about the brand?

From the water drilling rig reviews, you will be able to tell whether a brand is reliable or not. Many positive reviews is a sign of a reliable and reputable brand. It shows that the water rigs from the brand are loved by the buyers and users.

While a normal product may attract some negative reviews, you should be worried if the negatives are too many. It could be a sign of low-quality drilling rigs from the brand. Probably you will be the next potential complainant of the product from the manufacturer.

Water drilling rigs manufacturing standards and certifications

Any global brand for water drilling rig should conform to the quality and manufacturing standards for this equipment.
These are the bare minimums that all the manufacturers of the water drilling rigs are required to meet before they release their products to the market.

How can I tell that the manufacturer meets the required standards? The easiest way is by checking whether they have the relevant certifications.

The best brands won’t hold back from showing off all the certificates that they have with regard to their water drilling equipment for sale.


From the list of the best water drilling rigs companies, I hope that you can choose one that will be suitable for your needs.
The most important tip is to know what you want. Whether you want a hydraulic water drilling rig, deep rock water drilling rig, or a mobile water drilling rig, choose a brand that has the best options.

After taking all the factors that we have listed into consideration, you can go ahead to buy the nest drilling rig.

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