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FYL200 Trailer Mounted Drill Rig For Sale / Sollant Manufacture

Advantages of FYL 200 Tricycle Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

  • Large hole diameter
  • Deep drilling, drilling depth of 200 meters
  • This rig is characterized by simple operation, easy maintenance, and fast transportation
  • It can meet the needs of high speed, high efficiency, and high mobility in field drilling
  • Featured of high efficiency and multi functions

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Technical parameters of FYL200 trailer mounted drill rig.



Gross weightT5
Drilling depthm200
Drill rod calibermm76/89
Feed strokemm3300
Travel speedkm/h25
Grade abilityMax.30°
Rising height from groundmm250
Wind pressureMpa1.7-3.0
Air consumptionm³/min17-30
Engine powerkw65
Rotary speedrpm45-65
Rotation torqueN.m3300-4700

1. Multifunctional: It can be used in various applications: small water wells, geothermal applications, soil surveys, and coring. It can meet the drilling needs of different rock formations and soils.
2. Convenient transportation: high support, easy loading; crawler chassis, it can also run easily in muddy areas. In addition, it can be matched with a portable diesel air compressor
3. High efficiency: Adopt advanced hydraulic technology, flexible and convenient operation, fast turning speed, short auxiliary time, and low failure rate.
4. Operating system: internal intensive operation platform, simple and comfortable operation
5. Each drilling rig undergoes a series of strict tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality and performance of the product.
6. Drilling depths have 180m, 200m, 280m, 300m, 350m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 800m, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Durable & Reliable Trailer Mounted Drill Rig from China | Sollant

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Water Drilling Project and Customers


In March 2019, Colombian's regular customers come to visit Sollant water drilling rig workshop, we provide him with a complete agency plan.


In September 2019, Shandong Technology University came to discuss cooperation. We have been working with China's well-known universities of science and technology to jointly develop new models.


In December 2019, government officials from many countries in Southeast Asia came to discuss the water well drilling rig project.

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What problems should Be Paid Attention to when Operating the Trailer Mounted Drill Rig


When buying a water drill rig for sale, one of the issues you must consider is the equipment’s portability. Since water drilling projects entail moving from one location to another, you have to consider how you will be able to transport the rig.

One of the best solutions to the mobility problem is buying a trailer-mounted drill rig. As the name suggests, this rig is designed to be mounted onto a trailer and transported to the desired destination.
In this article, we are going to explore how to get the best out of your trailer mounted drill rig.

Tips for choosing the best water drilling truck for sale

So, you have decided to get truck-mounted water drilling equipment. The next step is getting the best water drilling truck for sale. Here are some of the tips that will help you to get the best truck.

Light truck, medium truck, or heavy-duty?

Once you recognize the size of the drilling rig that you’ll tow, determine what proportion it weighs, and make certain to incorporate the load of the trailer, too. This information will assist you in choosing from a light-duty and heavy-duty truck.

In most cases, drilling truck manufacturers rated trucks by their payloads: half-ton, 3/4-ton, and so on. Now, it’s more common to hear about trucks divided into light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty categories and identified by numbers like 1500, 2500, and 3500 or 150, 250, and 350.

Properly sizing the truck is vital. If you skimp on power, the truck may need trouble hauling your water drilling rig.

Similarly, if you decide on bigger drilling trucks, it’ll cost more to get and refill. Plus, you will have a harder time fitting into parking lots or tight driveways.

Most water drilling truck experts will suggest slightly overestimating your requirements. A simple rule of thumb is to buy at least 10% more capacity than you would like.


When buying a water drilling truck, it is vital to consider the issue of the terrain. These are basically the kinds of roads where you will be driving the truck.

All types of roads can be used to transport the drill rig and other equipment. However, we have seen cases where water drillers preparing a path or pull the truck by dozers until it finally reaches the water drilling site.

The truck selected must be selected to be suitable in a particular terrain. You don’t want to buy a truck that will always stall on the way due to bad terrain, or where you will be forced to remove the drill rig from the truck since it is not capable of reaching the destination.

The simplest way of solving this problem is knowing your region. Different parts of the world tend to have different levels of transport infrastructure.

In Europe and North America, the roads are smooth, and choosing a drill truck won’t be a complicated process that will give you a headache.

This is unlike in developing countries that tend to have poor infrastructure. In mining areas, deep within the jungle, the truck selected must be ready to drive on all kinds of terrains, unpaved roads, and steep slopes. Therefore, many water drilling companies tend to purchase the entire package of a drill rig, trailer, and off-road truck.

The truck usually has storage for spare parts and tooling and carries water for drilling. This makes them self-supporting.
If circumstances are really challenging, we select a truck that carries the drilling rig directly on its back, so there’s no need for a trailer, which could stop and go smoothly.

Reliability of the water drilling truck for sale

It is vital to consider the truck’s make and model on which to mount the water drilling rig. Some of the key factors that you should prioritize include standard, reliability, and durability of the truck, especially its ability to perform in harsh working environments where it’s going to encounter high temperatures and battle with sand and mud elements.

In-country support is additionally a really important aspect. Many large water well drilling rigs sold to Africa are mounted on 6×6 trucks, not only for their longevity and reliability but because they’re well supported within the region.

A Power take-Off (PTO) drive from the truck to power the machine is recommended. This feature saves on weight, costs, and space of a deck engine, comes with the newest emissions, and just the truck engine requires less maintenance.

But it’s important to understand the complete application of drilling, local roads, off-road conditions, and the logistics between drilling projects.

A trailer-mounted water drill rig is usually bigger than a crawler-mounted rig with equivalent drilling capabilities and options. For real confined water drilling sites, the truck will be quite hectic driving to the borehole location.

Check the truck’s maintenance records

If you’ve determined there are no glaring problems with why the truck has come onto the market in the first place, then you’ll want to try to exercise your due diligence. Inspect the truck’s maintenance records.

Has the truck received regular tune-ups or had any of its original components replaced? Having a far better idea of the truck’s general history can help prepare you for what’s to return do you have to purchase it.

Oil change records

In addition to maintenance history, you’ll want to have a sneak peek specifically at the basic drilling truck care records also. If oil changes haven’t been performed consistently throughout the truck’s lifetime, it could indicate the potential for engine problems within the future.

If there are no maintenance and car care records in the least or sporadic records, take caution. It could indicate poor maintenance, which there’s a possible hidden problem. Otherwise, ask the dealer if anything is missing or if they need additional insight into the truck’s past.

Understanding the crawler mounted water drilling rig


Still, you may consider buying a crawler mounted water drilling rig on the portable water drilling rig issue. This can be viewed as a perfect alternative to the trailer-mounted drill rig for sale.

But before you go for this option, let’s have a brief insight at this type of water drilling rig and what you stand to gain from it.

What is a crawler mounted water drilling rig?

Crawler drill rigs refer to various wheel-mounted drilling rigs that are designed to move freely over project locations. Crawler drill rigs are capable of drilling through different types of strata, delivering high penetration rates and reliable performance for hard rock drilling.

Crawler rigs are often powered either by diesel or a hydraulic system, and they’re widely preferred for water drilling for different reasons, including flexibility and versatility.

Other top advantages of the crawler mounted drilling rig for water well include;

-Are capable of deep rock well drilling
-Easy to be transported to the remote locations where you would want to drill a water well.
-The open cabin system of the drilling rig gives perfect visibility during the drilling operation
-High stability hence accurate and safe when on the drilling sites

Trailer Mounted vs. Crawler Mounted: Which Drilling Rig Should I Buy?

Trailer Mounted Drill Rig

So, between a trailer-mounted core drilling rig and a crawler mounted water well drilling rig, which one should I choose?

This is a question that you are likely to ask when buying portable water drilling rigs for sale.

One of the reasons as to why truck-mounted rig is preferred is for fast mobilization between the water drilling sites. Transport is flexible.

For the trailer-mounted, there’s always an external truck needed. If there’s no room for the transport truck to parked, it must be left elsewhere.

The truck-mounted rig will bring what he needs and may be used instantly. On smaller or squeezed sites, a crawler is preferred, thanks to the portability. Other advantages are cheap haul and cover a small surface area.

The disadvantage of a truck-mounted water well drilling rig is the driller may also have to double up as a driver.

Therefore, they require a driver’s license and sometimes special permits or certificates. After an extended day of drilling, the crew needs rest before an enormous haul is often made. The mobilization and flexibility benefits will thereby be less applicable.

Another advantage of a truck-mounted water well drilling rig is capacity. This is usually the case if you buy a large truck for a water drilling rig. All the other components and accessories of the water well drilling rig, such as a heavy-duty mud pump, air compressor, and heavy-duty winch, can fit in the truck.

This feature so makes the users less dependable on external support and eliminates the need for extra vehicles for the ancillaries, therefore keeping costs down. However, you may not enjoy this benefit if you use a small truck mounted well drilling rig.

So which one should I choose between the two?

Whether a truck-mounted water well rig or a crawler-mounted rig is that the best-suited option for a project or not really comes right down to the customer’s logistical and operational needs and conditions at the water well site that should be drilled.

The truck-mounted option is mostly the best option when drilling is required in remote locations, distant from infrastructure, to supply mobility and more flexibility without extra haulage. Otherwise, you may consider a crawler-mounted drilling rig.

Choosing the best Truck Mounted Water Drilling Rig?


Which is the best truck mounted water drilling rig for sale? Like any other valuable commodity, you would like to end up with a drilling rig that will deliver the best results.

One of the most important things that you should look at when buying a trailer-mounted drill rig is the construction.
Drills from different manufacturers often appear quite similar, but a better look will help determine if a unit is made to last. Some manufacturers entice customers with low prices of the drilling rigs without revealing the quality.

When calculating ROI, you should always remember that low-quality drills typically have shorter service lives and almost no resale value compared to higher quality trailer mounted water drilling rigs for sale.

Look for heavy-duty welded steel frames and thick drill pipes, for instance, to make sure the drill can withstand challenging conditions.

Some manufacturers construct drilling rigs using thin steel. This will cause the frame to bend or twist while driving or prematurely wear thanks to corrosion in hot, humid climates.

It would be best if you also considered trailer-mounted drilling rigs that incorporate features to simplify maintenance make it easy for crews to increase service life. For instance, An easily accessible adjustment screw and locking nut minimize downtime when removing slack from the drive chain.

Conveniently located greasing points also save a significant amount of your time during routine greasing and maintenance checks. If appropriately maintained, a top-quality drill can last for many years.

Another vital factor that you should consider is the drilling rig manufacturer’s support. The manufacturer should provide the trailer-mounted drill rig supplies in good time whenever you need them.

The worst situation that a drill crew can think of is seeing a project stalling with nobody to back them up. Search for trailer-mounted drilling rig manufacturers that provide training manuals, video, and 24/7 technical support.

Some manufacturers go thus far on offer training sessions at their facilities, which may be the right way for inexperienced drillers to realize hands-on experience before beginning a project.

Additionally, remember that even the best truck mounted water drilling rig will need replacement parts. To save on the downtime, choose a manufacturer that keeps replacement parts available and offers fast delivery.

Parting Shot

It is clear that a trailer-mounted water drilling machine is an investment that is a valuable investment. To ensure that you end up with the best drilling rig, choose a reliable manufacturer.

We at Sollant are a global manufacturer of a trailer-mounted borehole drilling rig in China. Our goal is to give our customers the best water well drilling equipment for sale.

Are you planning to get the drilling rig in China? Feel free to contact us.

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